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  1. United Kingdom- Oxford: A traditional English rural area turning into a globalized node of the knowledge economy

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    April 16, 2020

    West of Greater London, Oxford and Oxfordshire epitomize the ideal English, green, rural landscape. In its center, the river Thames, central to the English identity, meanders. But this area is also transformed by the urbanisation process underway in the South East around Greater London. It is part of the fast growing commuter belt generating a demand for new housing developments and transport infrastructure. Finally the Oxford area tries to position itself as a world-class innovation cluster and to compete in order to bolster its economic growth. This region has many amenities it can rely on making it a very attractive place. The dynamics transforming this area play at different scales. (local, national, world) and may lead to conflicts that the different players, defending diverging interests, will have to solve. The future choices made will reveal the direction the United Kingdom will choose in the post Brexit era opening before us.

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